Mount St. Helens erupted 37 years ago today


Today marks the 37th anniversary of the eruption of Mount St. Helens. Bill Steele with the Pacific Northwest Seismic Network in Seattle says scientists continue to monitor the volcano’s activity.

“We’ve been poking and prodding it quite a bit the last few years,” Steele said. “Last summer we did an IMUMSH, which is Imaging Magma Under Mount St Helens where a group of UW and some other partner universities and the U.S. Geological survey put out 2,700 seismometers and then set off some explosives in deep holes to be able to do an active experiment to try to image where the magma chambers are and better understand the plumbing underneath the volcano.”

Steele says that since the last eruption in 2010 the  amount of magma has doubled in the crater and the lava dome has grown significantly over that time span.