Moses Lake suspect found hiding in a washing machine

Moses Lake Police photo.

One of the suspects in a burglary and police pursuit last Friday in Moses Lake was arrested again Sunday after he was found hiding in a washing machine.

Moses Lake Police say 30-year-old Tim Riggins of Moses Lake was with Kevin Beamish on Friday when a reported burglary turned into a 20-minute car chase.

Beamish was arrested after spike strips disabled the van he was driving. Riggins, however, broke out a window on the vehicle and ran.

He was caught but not booked into jail because of injuries he suffered, police said.

On Sunday, he reportedly threatened and robbed a woman and stole her car.

After police later spotted him in the Gateway Estates neighborhood Riggins ran into an acquaintance’s house.

After obtaining a warrant, police then found Riggins hiding in a washing machine.

“This was not as difficult as it seems, as the washing machine had a see-through lid,” police said.

Riggins reportedly resisted arrest from inside the washing machine.

Officers then threatened to unleash K9 Rex if he didn’t surrender.

Riggins knew Rex well, having been bitten twice in a September arrest. In that case the dog had subdued Riggins but when the handler restrained Rex, Riggins made a run for it, which again resulted in bites from Rex.

On Sunday Riggins decided he wanted no part of the dog and surrendered.

After his arrest, police retraced the route Riggins had taken during the foot pursuit and reported finding three homemade explosive devices, in addition to items reported stolen.

The Richland bomb squad was called in to disable the devices.

The improvised explosive devices had nails attached to the outside of an explosive charge, police said.

Riggins likely faces federal charges for the bombs, police said, in addition to robbery and theft charges.