Moses Lake shoplifting suspect kept piling up the charges

Moses Lake Police Department body cam photo

Moses Lake police say a would-be shoplifter just kept making things worse for himself Sunday at Tri-State Outfitters.

Elias Cuevas, 22, reportedly attempted to steal ammunition but was spotted by several employees and a customer, who happened to be an off-duty corrections officer.

When confronted, Cuevas allegedly assaulted an employee.

When police arrived, they say Cuevas gave a false name but when he was searched they found a pistol in his pocket and stolen checks made out to himself, using his real name.

A fingerprint check confirmed his real name, police said.

Being a felon, Cuevas was charged with unlawful possession of a firearm in addition to the robbery charges.

In posting about the arrest, the Moses Lake Police Department used the hashtag #theammodidn’tevenfitthegun.