Moses Lake Police say there’s no evidence busloads of people with bricks are headed to town for protest


Addressing what it called a flood of rumors flying around social media, the Moses Lake Police Department said it has found no evidence busloads of agitators are coming into town with stockpiles of bricks to attend a protest march Sunday.

In a statement, the department said it has spoken with organizers of the march, and with people in the downtown area who have armed themselves to protect businesses, and they believe both have peaceful intentions.

The department said it will uphold the constitutional rights of both those who protest peacefully and those who lawfully bear arms.

“The right to peacefully gather and protest, as well as the right to bear arms, is constitutionally protected, both federally and in the state constitution,” the police statement said. “In fact, the Founding Fathers thought those two rights so important they are enshrined as the first two protections in the Bill of Rights. Additionally, open carry of firearms is legal in Washington. We will uphold and defend the Constitutional rights of all.”

At the same time, the police said they’re ready to deal with any illegal activity that could arise.

Thus far, small protests in Moses Lake have been held without incident.

Protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis continue in North Central Washington and throughout the country.