Moses Lake police officer euthanized injured dog, then disposed of it out of town


The Moses Lake Police Department says a police supervisor is looking into an incident Tuesday night in which an officer shot and killed a badly injured dog, then disposed of it in a field outside town.

According to the department, the dog was struck by a vehicle about 7:15 p.m. on North Stratford Road near the Circle K.

The unidentified responding officer determined the dog was severely injured and in pain so he made the decision to euthanize it, the police department said.

He then disposed of the dog off Road 7, which the police department said is an area where deceased wildlife are often taken.

The department said officers have the authority to euthanize a badly injured animal when there is no animal control officer on duty. But if it is a household pet they are supposed to attempt to locate the owner and if unsuccessful take the animal to the Grant County Animal Outreach shelter.

The department said the owner of the dog was later located at a business near where the animal was found and an animal control officer went to Road 7 to retrieved the dog the next day.

“In the case from Tuesday evening, the entire incident is being looked into by a supervisor and any identified errors will be addressed and corrections will be made,” the police department said. “Understand that our officers are human and occasionally will make mistakes.”