Moses Lake Police Increase Distracted Driving Patrols

Distracted Driving

MOSES LAKE- Police in the Moses Lake area say they are keeping an eye out for distracted drivers over the next few weeks.

The Moses Lake Police Department is running extra patrols for distracted drivers who may be on their phones on the roadway. Accidents caused by phone use while driving are significantly more expensive according to Police, and tickets for a first-time violation start at $136.

Cell Phone use is highest among drivers ages 16 to 24. The distracted driving law took effect in Washington State in January, banning cellphones, tablets, laptops or other electronics use while driving.

According to the law, behavior such as grooming, smoking, eating or reading could also result in a $99 dollar ticket if the driver is pulled over for another offense.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Brian Moore says distracted driving is a leading cause of death in Washington State.

“Right now distracted driving is a leading cause of teen fatalities across the nation, it’s a leading cause of fatalities even in Washington State,” Moore said. “Washington State has seen a 30-percent increase in traffic fatalities from distracted driving so this law helps law enforcement enforce that a little bit more.”