Medical Professionals Dispel Myths About Hospice Care


Today during Wenatchee Rotary Clubs weekly luncheon, a panel of medical professionals dove into the topic of hospice care. The focus on the panel was to dispel myths about the hospice care system.

For most people the common perception of hospice is that the term “hospice” meant end of the line. In response, retired Confluence Health Oncologist, Dr. Dave Notter said that families who utilize the hospice system properly, end up having better experiences with the passing of a family member than those that don’t. “The fact is, most people who have an incurable chronic illness, at some point in that trajectory” stated Notter, “would be better served to be on hospice than to not be on hospice.”

Look for more on Rotary’s hospice panel in the coming weeks on the NCWLIFE Magazine.