Measles vaccination warning issued by local health authorities

Measles Press Release

Chelan-Douglas Health says get vaccinated now

EAST WENATCHEE, WA – An outbreak of measles in southwest Washington is causing concern across the state, including health officials here in Chelan and Douglas Counties.  The Chelan-Douglas Health District issued a press release today warning parents that children attending schools or day care are required to be vaccinated for measles.

According to the release from Vernoica Farias of the Chelan-Douglas Health District, “Measles is one of the many diseases for which a child is required to be vaccinated against (WAC 246-105-030).  Or, there must be proof of immunity, before attending any school (public or private) or child care center.”

Although Chelan and Douglas Counties do not currently have a confirmed case of measles, the District is trying to be preemptive.  Public health officials are working closely with school districts and healthcare providers to ensure students and staff have been vaccinated.  The release from Farias says, “The current measles outbreak in Clark County and one diagnosed case in King County are examples of why the Measles, Mumps, and Reubell (MMR) Vaccine is a crucial requirement.

If a local outbreak is confirmed, the state law authorizes schools (public or private), child care centers, or the local Health Officer to exclude any child or staff who does not proof of immunization.  The length of time children or staff are required to stay out of school is 21 days after the last reported case.

No cases of measles have been reported in Chelan or Douglas County.  The Health District is just warning to be sure to have your records in order.  The advice is to get yourself or your children immunized as soon as possible.  Farias says, “Washington currently has a sufficient supply of MMR vaccine for children and adults.  But if the outbreak continues, vaccine supply may be affected.”

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