Mariachi Huenachi Takes Center Stage with Latino Music Legend

Ramon Rivera was a guest on Wake Up Wenatchee Valley on the NCWLIFE Channel


Mariachi Huenachi music director Ramon Rivera joined Dan Kuntz on a recent edition of Wake Up Wenatchee Valley to promote his band’s upcoming performance with Latino Music Legend Ramon Ayala.

Rivera – July 30th at 6:30 at the Town Toyota Center, we’re going to have our World Famous Mariachi Huenach going to open the show, we’re going to have Ramon Ayala and Faraones Del Norte and it’s going to be called a Gran Baile.  A Gran Baile is a dance.  The front they’re going to have tables for people to sit.  But in the back they’re going to be a dance floor.  It’s going to have Mariachi Music to start it off, but once this band starts playing, everyone’s going to be dancing.  It’s going to be a beautiful sight.  We’re expecting about 3,000 people to come to this event.  What I’m really proud about is that the Town Toyota Center gets high-caliber artists.  Not just in Latin Music and Jazz Music, they bring people like Kelly Clarkson here!  And its because of these great like Mark Miller, Jennifer (Bushong) and the whole people that work at the Town Toyota Center that make sure our community has the best artists in the world.

Kuntz – How did you get this particular artist?

Rivera – Well, he knew about our band and…No!  Just kidding!  We have an advisory committee that meets with the Town Toyota Center and they ask us which artists we would like to come.  This was a dream come true.  They brought Marco Antonio Solis and Pepe Guizar here.  These guys are big time, big-named artists who sell out Los Angeles and New York.  But they come to Wenatchee because they love our community.  And that’s what the Town Toyota Center does is they look for the best artists.  And they are so nice to let my kids open the show and be part of it.  I love the partnership we have with the Town Toyota Center and I love the partnership between the kids and the artists.  This is like a high school football player getting to play with Russell Wilson!  Tickets start at $35 and kids are $10.  You can buy their tickets on line at  You can also buy it at the box office and at a couple Mexican store outlets, La Surtidora and Maggie’s in Moses Lake.

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Eric Granstrom
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