Man arrested after confronting railroad workers, firing shots off Chumstick Highway

additional patrols

A SWAT team was called in Tuesday night after a man reportedly fired shots in a dispute with Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad workers about four miles north of Leavenworth off Chumstick Highway.

James Carl Brown, 44, eventually was arrested and booked into jail on first-degree assault, firearms and unlawful imprisonment charges, the Chelan County Sheriff’s Office reported.

At about 10:40 p.m., deputies responded to a call of a man firing a gun at four railroad workers who were attempting to access a railroad crossing construction site via a private driveway.

The employees, in a large Freightliner truck, said they had utilized the driveway twice earlier in the day but this time were confronted by Brown, carrying an AR-style rifle. Brown reportedly told them they were on private property. As they attempted to leave, Brown shouted for them to stop and fired three to five rounds into the ground in front of the truck, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

The workers drove in reverse until leaving the private property, at which point Brown disappeared into the trees. Unable to leave without driving on the private property again, the workers were able to escape using a railroad machine on the rail line.

Deputies were able to contact Brown, who told them law enforcement was not allowed on his property. Eventually, a SWAT member was able to take Brown into custody without incident. In a search of his home, multiple firearms were found, the Sheriff’s office reported.