Make A Difference Day of Wenatchee wins $10,000 award


WENATCHEE – For the ninth time since Make A Difference Day was launched nationally in 1992, the local Make A Difference Day organization has won a national award.

The Tegna media company presented a $10,000 check to the Wenatchee Make A Difference Day group, who in turn gave that check to the Community Foundation of North Central Washington on Thursday.

On this morning’s Wake Up Wenatchee Valley, event organizer Margie Kerr credits the general goodness of the valley’s residents for the success of Make A Difference Day.

Laurel Helton is Kerr’s co-organizer and she says doing lots of projects on one day is a bonding experience.

The $10,000 prize goes into a fund that people can use for seed money for this year’s Make A Difference day on October 27th.