LocalTel Events Center now open at Pybus Public Market

WENATCHEE – Last Saturday was the Community Open House and Celebration for the newly remodeled LocalTel Events Center at Pybus Public Market. The open house included activities for kids and tours of the event center and the brand new board room.

“It’s exciting to be here and see this beautiful building come to life,” said LocalTel Communications owner Brenda Mandelis. “On behalf of Dimitri and myself, John and Susan Seabeck, Greg and Jaye Mercer and Mike and Jan Schyleman, our partners at LocalTel, we are so grateful for the opportunity to be the naming sponsors of this beautiful event center, because this community is so important to us.

This is the very short version as to why. 36 years ago, a handful of local boys who had grown up in the valley, returned home from their various colleges and jobs, to the community that they loved, because this was home to them.  This community was the place where they wanted to get married and raise their families someday.

These LOCAL ‘boys’ got together and started a business which some of you may remember as ComputerLand, which later became LocalTel as technology changed and a little thing called the Internet came into existence. Yes, when this company started, there were no cell phones and no internet. No Facebook, no streaming TV and no Netflix.

Fast forward to October 2018 and those local ‘boys’ now have gray hair, their children are adults, and we are standing here we are at the LocalTel event center at Pybus Public Market in this beautiful room that has been remodeled to host countless non-profit groups, service clubs, citizenship classes, arts and crafts events, cultural events, business meetings, children’s play time, wedding receptions, Pybus University classes and so much more.

All of the events that will take place in this room are the underlying heartbeat of what makes this community so special.   This community has been home to us all of these years and we are so honored to be a part of this Event Center and what it will do to enhance the quality of life for our friends and neighbors in this beautiful valley, now and for generations to come.

Yes, that last part is plagiarized from the mission statement of the Pybus Market Charitable Foundation but we couldn’t agree more.

So I would like to say a big thank you to Mike and JoAnn Walker and to Steve and Gil and all of the Pybus Foundation board, and also to everyone who had a hand in donating to this beautiful facility as well as those who did the work to make it happen and bring it to life for our community to enjoy.

Thank you.”