Local chefs defend their title on Food Network’s Cake Wars


WENATCHEE – Jodi Johnston and Stephannie Torres returned to California in December to compete on a special episode of the Food Network’s Cake Wars.  A total 24 past winners battled it out, building high-rise cakes with Dr. Seuss’ birthday as the inspiration for their creations.

Stephannie Torres prepares the kitchen on the Food Network's Cake Wars
Stephannie Torres prepares the kitchen on the Food Network’s Cake Wars

Sky Scraper Cakes

Kody Johnson spoke to Jodi and Stephannie on Monday.  The mom and daughter team said it was common practice to create cakes on the show that were over five feet tall and weighed over 150 pounds.

Stephanie said that they were a little more comfortable with the cameras during their second visit to California.  Jodi says her daughter serves as inspiration for many of the ideas they come up with and she has the practical experience to turn the ideas into beautiful works of art.

Viewing Party Sunday

Jodi and Stephannie won on a previous episode of Cake Wars that aired this last summer. This latest show will air on Sunday night, February 12th, on the Food Network. Check local listings for times.  Friends and family of the pair will be gathering at Wild Rivers Sports Bar & Grill to watch the show on Sunday at 6:30pm.