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Live it up! is the show all about you. Join us every week as we answer your questions on how to improve your health, wealth, and relationships. Fletcher Ellingson speaks on the subconscious unseen forces which influence thoughts, decisions, and actions and therefore determine the quality of people’s lives.  He’ll provide advice and inspiration needed to take on life’s challenges. Dr. Amy Ellingson is a long-time family physician. She’ll answer questions and provide practical information for taking care of your amazing body so that it can continue to take care of you!

Here are the show times for our new program entitled “Live it Up!” with the Ellingson’s. Check it out!

Monday’s at 8am & 3pm
Wednesday’s at 9pm
Thursday’s at 10am
Friday’s at 1pm
Saturday’s and Sunday’s at 6pm





Amy’s Bio:

I am a physician committed to helping my patients achieve health, wellness, and vitality. I have been practicing full-spectrum Family Medicine since 2002 in sunny Chelan, WA.  My practice includes infants, adolescents, men, and women.

Being a doctor is more than a job for me- it is part of who I am. Since early high school in southern California, I knew that I wanted to be a doctor.  For my undergraduate degree, I traveled to Indiana to attend University of Notre Dame.  Next stop was medical school at Loyola Stritch School of Medicine in Chicago where I received my Degree of Medicine in 1999.  Having known all along that Family Medicine was what I wanted to pursue, I chose to do my residency in Billings at the Montana Family Practice Residency Program.  This program was specifically designed to train physicians to work in rural areas where we work with limited specialty care and are required to have a very wide range of medical knowledge and expertise.

Throughout my years as a family doctor, it became clear that there was piece that was missing in creating lasting health for my patients.  Their numbers may look good, but they weren’t “feeling” much better.  And so, for the last several years  I have been continually searching for ways to create wellness and vitality in my patients.  This has led me to attend trainings in anti-aging medicine and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy.  I have read about brain science and how to create wellness starting with your mindset.   I am also regularly searching the literature as data comes out to find answers for my patients that are truly seeking to be well and have that joyful feeling of being alive.

On top of my very full professional life, I have a rewarding and full personal life.  I am so proud to be part of a loving blended family, now with 5 children. Most of my spare time is spent with my husband and our children.  I love travel, healthy cooking, reading, exercise and listening to those with musical talents.  I am also very involved in personal development and continue to find ways to better the lives of those around me and really for the whole planet!


Fletcher’s bio:

I’ve been fortunate to receive a unique education. While I went to college to prepare for the ministry my richest education came from owning businesses, studying personal development, and speaking and performing. My best teachers have been the Zig Ziglars, Bob Proctors, Anthony Robbins and the Brene Browns of the world. Today I delight in helping individuals and companies develop clarity around what they truly want, identify and remove obstacles and begin manifesting their dreams from a place of empowerment and freedom. Using techniques based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy I have developed specific programs for Individuals and group coaching (Your Life Is Now!), Couples counseling (Relationship Reboot), People living with Type 2 Diabetes (Diabetes Smackdown), and for sales organizations (High Performance Selling).

In addition to my love of working with people, I have enjoyed 25 years of performing as a professional magician. I look for opportunities to dance with my wife and like to lose myself playing piano.  Biking, running, and swimming are always on my agenda and if it can be done in Hawaii then even better! Find out more and listen to my podcasts at

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