Link to distribute volunteer-made masks in Friday giveaway


WENATCHEE — Volunteers are making protective masks happen for riders of Link Transit.

The Wenatchee Valley public bus system plans to distribute handmade cloth masks to drivers and commuters starting at 5:45 a.m. Friday, at Columbia Station in downtown Wenatchee. Teams of seamstresses from Wenatchee and Waterville set a challenge for themselves to produce 1,000 masks by April 28, to help keeps riders and operators healthy during the pandemic.

“We wanted to have a May Day Maker’s event,” said Lisa Robinson of Wenatchee, who helped coordinate groups of seamstresses. “When I reached out to Link, they were excited to have the opportunity to help the people riding the bus stay safe.”

Seamstresses from Waterville Cares, headed by Link board member and Waterville City Council member Joyce Huber, also contributed to the effort.

Link staff then gathered and packaged each mask in a Ziploc bag, with handling and washing instructions.

“We know Link has masks for its coach operators and other front line workers to use,” said Robinson. “We wanted to offer up our handmade masks as an additional option.”