Life with Lisa Bradshaw – The DON’T WAIT Project® Tour 2019-Fort Worth, Texas

Season 4 Episode 2-I first met Hallie of Hallie's Heroes when someone shared her story with me on Facebook two years ago, and I interviewed Hallie and her mom, Elyse, on my show via Skype. When planning the second DON'T WAIT Project Tour throughout the southern states, I knew I wanted to include Hallie's amazing story. During our Dallas-area stop, you'll meet Hallie, a young girl who spent nine tears searching for her bone marrow donor match and helped find more than 90 other matches along the way. During our Georgia stop, you'll also meet Kendall, a bone marrow donor recipient from one of Hallie's numerous cheek swab drives over the past several years. Tune in and discover one girl's mighty heart and the lives she's impacted with a community of support throughout her journey.