Life with Lisa Bradshaw – From the Grand Ole Opry to Wenatchee Local Business

Season 5 Episode 2 - This week, Lisa Bradshaw talks with country music artist Wendy Moten. The two met in Nashville, Tennessee, on the night of Wendy's first-ever performance at the Grand Ole Opry during last spring's DON'T WAIT Project Tour. Find out how Wendy is using the absence of touring to regroup and relax for the first time in her career. Lisa and Wendy also discuss something they have in common during this time of social distancing and heightened awareness of hand washing and protecting themselves from the coronavirus. Also on the show, Lisa chats with Tiffany Bruehl, local entrepreneur and owner of The Hair Loft. Hear how our community is answering the call-out for support from Wenatchee Valley businesses.