Life with Lisa Bradshaw – A New Season

Season 5 Episode 1: Lisa Bradshaw chats with Leon Logothetis (Los Angeles, CA), host of The Kindness Diaries on Netflix, about how relying on the kindness of others is helping heal his life. She also talks with Bonnie Morrissey of Bonnie's Bootcamp (Sudbury, MA) about staying fit while sheltering in and Amanda Chitsey of 3 Wishes for Ruby's Residents (Harrison, AR) about how you can help bring joy to seniors who are living in nursing homes, feeling lonely and isolated. A new season... in these challenging times of social distancing and uncertainty, Lisa Bradshaw is bringing stories that inform and inspire you. From finding the helpers to providing tips on staying fit while sheltering in, watch and see how this 30 minutes of goodness can become a bright spot in your day.