Leavenworth candidates have issues with Adventure Park


You won’t find much support among Leavenworth mayor and city council candidates for an alpine-themed amusement park at the north end of town.

The eight candidates appearing at a Sept. 25 forum hosted by the group, Friends of Leavenworth were asked if the Adventure Park belongs in town.

Mayoral hopeful Carl Florea said he was against the idea but said he hopes the public’s involvement in the process will lead to changes in future land use decisions.

“The whole idea is, you can overdo tourism,” Florea said. “you have to look at what tourism you want. … What does a sustianable future look like, and how to we get there?”

Mayor candidate and City Planning Commissioner, Scott Bradshaw said the city may need to look at changes in city codes.

“The code allowed it, the process allowed it,” Bradshaw said. “If the code is wrong, we need to step back and look at changing the code.”

He added that the decision is now in the courts, where a hearing examiner’s approval of the project is being appealed, and the city needs to figure out how to deal with whatever decision is made.

The Adventure Park has been contentious since it was first proposed in 2018.

There have been hundreds of comments at public hearings and in writing raising concerns about the park at the intersection of Icicle Road and Highway.

Most focused on parking, additional traffic and environmental concerns.