Lawnmower starts fire, destroys Manson home


MANSON- Two family pets were lost when a fire swept through house in Manson Thursday afternoon. It was reported around 4 p.m.

Manson Fire Chief, Arnold Baker says it was human-caused.

“The resident had parked the riding lawnmower under the deck and had just finished mowing the lawn, a fire started in the carburetor of that lawnmower,” Baker said. “The guy was walking away from it and hears the pop and turns around and before he could get a water hose the fire had climbed up the wall.”

Baker says the fire went through the deck, into the upper floor and into the attic.

“When we arrived we actually had three floors of fire including the attic,” Baker said. “The attic system was already beginning to fail. It was a pretty quick demise of the home.”

Baker says the house, located at 50 Cone Drive, was a total loss. The family escaped uninjured and was being attended to by the American Red Cross.