Jack the pig, whose owner drowned Sunday, is missing


Update: Jack has been found and appears to be in great health.

Jack the pig, who was rescued on the Wenatchee River after his owner tragically drowned Sunday, is missing.

Johnie Lee Bryant, a family friend of the man who died trying to rescue the pig, said in the chaos of the moment Jack wandered off.

Ronald Ripper, 45, of Monitor died after trying to save Jack, who had fallen off his floatation device. They were tubing on the Wenatchee River.

Jack left the river near Sleep Hollow, on the highway side of the river, he said.

He is wearing a lifejacket.

Bryant said anyone who sees Jack can contact him at 509-881-9701 or 509-669-6909.

He said he babysat Jack often and has his own mini-pig, Penelope, who is Jack’s girlfriend.