#ItsAllGood: Missouri man’s ‘Walk Across America’ strolls through the Wenatchee Valley


WENATCHEE-He’s setting out to inspire and spread positive vibes, 20-year-old Logan Mayberry is on a ‘Walk Across America’ from Missouri to Seattle.

Mayberry started his trip under the St. Louis Gateway Arch on November 26, 2016 to journey more than 2,000 miles. His journey is logged on his Facebook and YouTube accounts, often filled with positive posts and hashtags to inspire people to live life with a smile.

Mayberry’s posts are filled with faces of the people he meets along the way and the perils and insights that come with life on the road

NCWLIFE’s Jay Seabeck caught up with him as he made his way through the Wenatchee Valley on Friday.

“The whole ‘it’s all good thing’ is sort of like attitude that I have developed on this trip. It is a mindset and I’ve had these series of events happening to me on the trip and I have kept an ‘all good’ attitude,” Mayberry said.

“About midway [through] I started using the hashtag ‘it’s all good’ and it just sort of evolved. I started speaking in schools with the kids and pushing that attitude on and on and they seemed to love it. So if I can change the way somebody thinks and it benefits their life, that’s my purpose on this walk.”

Mayberry said the journey hasn’t always been a walk in the park, as he traveled through inclement weather, strong winds and rough terrain.

“The whole state of New Mexico and half of Arizona, Texas all those states were pretty gnarly,” Mayberry said. “There were many times when I called close friends and family and was like ‘I don’t know if I am going to be able to make this.’ I walked through a tornado, snow, sleet, ice storms, sand storms, the wind was just insane.”

Documenting the entire adventure through video and Facebook live, Mayberry said the experience is something he will never forget.


“It is just incredible, looking back and noticing I did that– like what?” he said. “I was thinking to myself, who in their right mind would continue going? I was like I would, I would have been the person who would have kept going.”

According to Mayberry’s last Facebook update, he was passing through Leavenworth on Saturday, July 22, 2017. So far he’s been on the road for more than 234 days, walking over 2,775 miles.