Is Sasquatch on Snoqualmie Pass now? Once again, you be the judge


Sasquatch apparently crossed a lot of ground in the past couple of days.

This time he presumably, maybe, perhaps has been caught on video on Snoqualmie Pass.

On Wednesday, the Washington State Department of Transportation East office playfully(?) posted pictures from its Sherman Pass webcam with an image it speculated might be Bigfoot.

On Thurday, WSDOT Snoqualmie Pass did it one better, sharing a video from its camera near the summit.

The two passes are about 260 miles apart.

In the video, the creature(?) strides quite purposefully across the wildlife overpass on Interstate 90. Its walk is almost manlike, some might say.

Much like all images of Sasquatch, the footage is a bit blurry.

But there is no doubt it is something. Is it the same something that was seen on Sherman Pass? Or is it a second Bigfoot?!

“I think Bigfoot is making the rounds across our mountain passes,” the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass account posted on Twitter.

That would be government confirmation, much like the U.S. Postal Service once proved the existence of Santa Claus, in fact.