Inslee Voices Frustration, Continues Campaign for Carbon Tax


“It has been almost a decade since this legislature promised people that they would take care of their clean air and their lungs and they haven’t done it,” Governor Jay Inslee said. “It is time for the legislature to do this job.”

OLYMPIA- Governor Jay Inslee voices frustration with the Legislature’s response to his proposed tax on carbon fuel. During a media briefing yesterday the Governor continued his campaign for a carbon tax and he used the opportunity to bash the Trump administration for its ‘rejection of science.’

“The fact that they’re now seeing ash on the hood of their cars in Seattle and homes burn down in Wenatchee and more severe meteorological and precipitation events, people are seeing this with their own eyes,” Inslee said. “They’re starting to understand the absolute, I’m looking for the right adjective here– unforgivable, rejection of science by the President.”

Inslee promoted that lawmakers craft a carbon emissions tax, as British Columbia and California has. He noted Oregon is considering it, and many countries have passed their own. He stressed that it would help move Washington toward the energy economy of the future.

Opponents, such as State Senator Doug Erickson, describe the carbon tax as a death tax on manufacturing and would equate to a 20-cent gas tax increase on the first day.