Huge Crowd Attends 9/11 Memorial

9-11 Memorial

Nearly 400 Attend 9/11 Memorial Service Today

CASHMERE, WA –  Nearly 400 people attended a 9/11 Spirit of American Memorial service today in Cashmere.  America was forever changed.  In fact, the world was forever changed 17-years ago on that fateful Monday morning.  On a day very similar to the one here in North Central Washington today.  The crystal blue skies were darkened forever by the attack of 9/11.


Cashmere’s the location for the 9/11 Memorial and especially on this day where at 11 o’clock this morning, folks from throughout North Central Washington gathered to remember what happened on that fateful day 17-years ago.  But also to remember what happened AFTER that days 17-years ago.  That was the focus of Rufus Woods, former Publisher of the Wenatchee World.  Wood spoke about how communities across the country still come together when tragedy strikes.

“What I see everyday in our communities reflects a strong commitment to service and to sacrifice.  We see this most profoundly with our first-responders and the military veterans who have served this country.  But we also see this sense of community growing in our Wenatchee Valley, and in North Central Washington.”

For State Senator Brad Hawkins, 9/11 was a very memorable day because he was boarding a plane at Pangborn Memorial Airport on that fateful morning.  “…that second plane had crashed into the second Twin Tower.  And I say crashed but we know now, it was an attack.  The whole plane was taken aback by that.  The pilot followed the announcement by stating that the F-A-A had suspended air travel all across the United States.  So we wouldn’t be taking that Horizon flight to Seattle, but that we would be de-boarding the plane.”

The 9/11 Spirit of America Memorial Committee President Tom Green spoke about the next phase of what will happen at the Memorial site in Cashmere.  “They have loaned us a stone from the field where Flight 93 went down.  We received the stone about a month ago in a box.  So I asked the board, what do you want to do?  They said keep it in the box for a more appropriate time.  Well I thought this would be a cool place to open the box.  But they said, no, we have not built phase two yet.  So it’s exciting that we will have a major something from each of the sites of 9/11 when we get done and hopefully we can dedicate that next year.”

Let it be said that the folks here in Cashmere, and in North Central Washington, and throughout the nation and the world will never forget what happened on 9/11, 17-years ago.

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