Hikers rescued from Cascades after surviving five days without food


Two hikers were rescued from the North Cascades wilderness Wednesday after surviving five days without food.

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s office said search and rescue crews found the two missing hikers near Sulpher Creek.

They started their hike on Downey Creek Trail on Aug. 16 and were to return Aug. 23.T

After their families reported them missing, a search was launched Monday.

They left with food and supplies for one week.

Family members believe their intended route was Downey Creek Trail to Bachelor Creek to Cub Lake.

Officials say in a news release that the first hiker located was 59 year-old David James. He was airlifted out and transported to Cascade Valley Hospital in Darrington for treatment.

It took about an hour more to find Marshall “Buster” Cabe, 64.

James had been out of food for five days and said he didn’t think he would have survived another 24 hours.