Hawkins pushes new hydrogen-fuel bill in 2021 legislative agenda

The Washington State Senate convenes for floor debate. April 11th, 2019.

OLYMPIA — East Wenatchee state Sen. Brad Hawkins has filed the first bill of the upcoming Washington legislative session.

It’s a followup on the bill Hawkins sponsored last year to allow public utility districts to produce and sell renewable hydrogen. The bill passed overwhelmingly in both houses of the Legislature and was signed into law in May 2019.

This sequel would establish an eight-year statewide pilot project to reduce sales tax on purchases of fuel-cell electric vehicles. That would put fuel-cell cars on the same sales tax level as plug-in electrics.

The Douglas County PUD wants to get into the hydrogen production business, for fuel and industrial uses. Hawkins says so far, his bill has bipartisan support from nearly 20 co-sponsors. The new legislative session starts next month in Olympia.