Haunted Museum brings a ghoulish good time to the Wenatchee Valley


Looking for something spooky this Halloween? The Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center is back again this year with the Haunted Museum.

We sent NCWLIFE Producer Kaitlin Hetterscheidt to the basement of the museum to catch up with the producers of the scary venture.

It seems the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center has a scary situation on its hands.

Bill Brown is one of the producers of the haunted museum, along with Jeff Blackburn and Kylee Boggs. Brown says haunts have been a passion of his for many years after working at Knott’s Scary Farm in California.

With more than 60 volunteers working to get the haunt set up and help with the scaring, Bill says they all have a deep passion for bringing the people what they want this Halloween.

All of the proceeds of the haunt will benefit the museum and the programming it brings to the Wenatchee Valley, and without their local sponsors, there would be no spook.

While the event is open to anyone in the community, the museum says while you know your kids best, they recommend attendees ages 13 and up.

For pre-sale tickets or a schedule on when to attend this year’s Haunted Museum, visit their website here.