Guidelines for city code on proper snow, ice removal etiquette

City of Wenatchee puts together guidelines for snow removal code

removal etiquette

WENATCHEE- This time of year, snow and ice make traveling and walking difficult.

In an effort to be prepared for future snow and freezing rain and to remind area residents about proper snow and ice removal etiquette and code, the City of Wenatchee has put together some basic guidelines.

  • Property owners are responsible for removing snow and ice from sidewalks and walking areas within 24 hours of a snow storm. Pile all snow from parking areas and sidewalks into planter strips or onto yards.
  • If sidewalks become slippery with ice, spread sand or de-icer to make it safer for pedestrians.
  • Shovel, blade, or blow snow in a location other than the street, such as the front yard, planter strips, or along the curb. Violation of the Wenatchee City Code chapter 7.24 constitutes a Class IV Civil Infraction with a fine of $52.

The city asks that neighbors work together to follow the code, and if all else fails, call the City of Wenatchee at (509) 888-3270 or you can file a complaint online at