Green Thumbs & Dirty Knees with Bonnie Orr

Green Thumbs & Dirty Knees with Bonnie Orr
Green Thumbs & Dirty Knees with Bonnie Orr

Bonnie Orr and Co Host Dan Kuntz take you through all things green and growing.

Watch each week during the growing season as Dan and Bonnie tell you what is happening that week in the garden and how to do it. Learn, laugh and enjoy the show every week.

Season Premier, Sunday April 9th 9am
Show times:
Sunday at 9:00am, Monday 1:00pm and 7:00pm, Tuesday 3:00pm

 Bonnie Orr

Bonnie has been gardening since she was a child. Playing in the dirt is so satisfying and her mud pies were almost delectable.  Bonnie loves to grow veggies that she can harvest all year around, and especially appreciates unusual vegetables such as veronica. Potatoes are her favorite because harvesting them is like a treasure hunt.  She grows plants and shrubs that attract beneficial insects and a wide variety of birds to her yard. Bonnie is an avid birdwatcher and enjoys foreign travel.

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