Gov. Inslee questioned about use of WSP during campaign for President


Governor Jay Inslee is being questioned about his use of the Washington State Patrol during his campaign for President.

State law requires State troopers provide security for the Governor.  But critics complain that the extra $3.4 million proposed in the upcoming budget to cover the cost of his campaign travel should not have to be paid by  taxpayers.

He was questioned about it on Monday by reporters during a bill signing ceremony:

“The law [says that] the State Patrol will provide security, that’s been a law for a long time, that’s been the practice for both Republican and Democratic Governors, and so that’s what the law is,” Inlsee said. “The law has been this, which doesn’t have exceptions for what activities, whether it’s going to a ball game, a church or visiting a national park. It has not been distinguished in the law and that law is being followed.”

Starting today (Tue) Inslee will be out of the state for seven days with one official duty as governor, attending a global energy summit at Columbia University. The rest of the time he’ll be campaigning, with a televised town hall meeting on CNN Wednesday night. Over the weekend he will be campaigning in Iowa and New Hampshire that hold the first presidential primaries.

On Monday he’ll be in South Carolina, which holds the second presidential primary, for another town hall meeting.