GOP Immigration Bill Fails on House Floor


WASHINGTON DC- Following two  delays, the Republican compromise immigration bill failed Wednesday in the U.S. House of Representatives. NCWLIFE’s Grant Olson has more:

The Border Security and Immigration Reform Act negotiated by both moderates and conservatives amid pressure for Congress to finally provide a legislative fix to the country’s immigration issues failed by a large margin of 121-yes votes to 301-no votes.

Washington’s 4th District Rep. Dan Newhouse says he co-sponsored HR 6136 and voted in favor of it, saying the legislation presented the best opportunity to make substantial improvements to the broken immigration system and address the situation facing families at the Southern border.

“This was a great bill, but in the end, I can’t speak for every single member, but I do know in my legislative career, it’s always easy to find something wrong with any bill that’s in front of you,” Newhouse said. “Certainly on an issue like immigration there’s going to be things that you don’t like.”

In order to pass an immigration reform bill, Newhouse says he believes legislators will have to bring a bipartisan bill to the table.

“In the end, I believe this bill moves us to a better place than where we are today,” Newhouse said. “It moves the issue forward so that we can move it to the Senate and continue the conversation there too, and continue improving it… We have our work to do to come up with what I think will have to be a bipartisan bill to be successful.”

Newhouse added that the House has yet to address the crisis facing agriculture producers who cannot find enough workers and he says won’t stop advocating for improvements to create a reliable, legal guest-worker system.