Goats released to help wildfire prevention in Wenatchee


Herds of goats fled into the Wenatchee Foothills today in an effort to help prevent wildfires in the area.

Over 300 goats were brought in from Ephrata and released in a fenced environment in the west end of the Broadview neighborhood this morning.

The goats are used in an effort to reduce fuel and thin the area of fire hazards such as brush.

In June of 2015, the Sleepy Hollow Fire destroyed 28 homes and businesses in the area.

And now with the help of the Federal Emergency Management Agency grant, firefighters can begin to get rid of hazards in the area.

Chelan County District 1 Chief Brian Brett says the goats will work the course of the next 10 days.

“It is going to take approximately one day for each half acre to be done with five acres being done in total,” Brett said.

Brett also explained how he expects the program to go and future steps if it is successful.

“This is our pilot program and we anticipate it being very successful. We will utilize it again in the Spring and apply for grant funding if we see positive results,” Brett said.

 The goats are not the only thing being done as away to protect homes in the area.

Many Broadview homes have had their roofs replaced with fire-prone rooftops with noncombustible roofs thanks to the FEMA grant.

“Our long term goal is to develop a community protection line from this area all across the Western perimeter of the city,” Brett said.

The goats will feed in the area for the next week and a half before returning back to Ephrata.

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