Gas taxes could raise in Chelan and Douglas counties

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A proposal to raise the gas tax in Chelan and Douglas Counties to fund road project could be headed to the ballot box.

The proposal was discussed at a recent meeting of the regional transportation council which is comprised of elected leaders from both Counties and cities as well as the DOT.

The group is looking at a plan to increase the local gas tax by five cents. Chelan County Commissioner Kevin Overbay says that would be preferred over a car-tab or tax on property.

“The upside for a gas tax would be, it would be imposed on anybody who purchases fuel in the two-county area,” Overbay said. “The roads aren’t just being utilized by our local citizens. We have a lot of tourist traffic that comes here so they in turn would be buying their fuel here which would actually help pay for some of that.”

The two counties are considering putting the gas tax increase up for a vote later this year to help augment a dwindling funding stream from the State and Federal government.