Further study to be done before changing roundabout at George Sellar Bridge


State transportation engineers have decided to wait until next year to address traffic issues on the east side of the Senator George Sellar Bridge.

The Washington State Department of Transportation has been assessing traffic flow patterns in the area since a new roundabout was installed earlier this year.

The roundabout is currently used by traffic going northbound on Sunset Highway and from Valley Mall Parkway westbound on Fifth Street.

Southbound traffic uses a merge lane that requires them to yield the right-of-way to cars entering the bridge from the roundabout.

That can sometimes create a bottleneck for southbound traffic.

The state had been considering looking at changes to the roundabout, including the possibility of shutting down the merge lane and directing the southbound traffic on Sunset Highway into the roundabout.

WSDOT Spokeswoman Lauren Loebsack says the plan is to continue monitoring the traffic over the winter and then further evaluate the situation next year.