Former Coulee City top cop turned pinup accused of worker’s compensation fraud

Brenda Lynn Cavoretto, in a fashion photo posted to Facebook.

OLYMPIA — A police officer who formerly served as chief marshal of Coulee City and a patrol officer in Soap Lake is accused of workers compensation fraud for her job as a pinup model.

Brenda Lynn Cavoretto, 47, of Gold Bar was Coulee City’s chief of police until 2012, when she was injured on the job. She then joined the Soap Lake force, but left in 2013 due to work-related disability.

But the Department of Labor and Industries says Cavoretto has continued to work as a pinup model and fundraising organizer, despite filing claims for disability payments.

L&I says Cavoretto was injured on the job in Coulee City in February 2012, while trying to lower the corpse of a male suicide victim who died by hanging. The body fell on her and caused injuries to her back and shoulder, and she alleged that the incident caused her psychological harm.

After her transfer to the Soap Lake department, she filed claims with L&I and began receiving wage-replacement payments and vocational services. She also allegedly claimed that post-traumatic stress made her unable to leave her home. Her claims to L&I continued for four years.

But an L&I investigation alleges that she continued to work and earn money during this period as a pinup model, public event coordinator and charitable fundraiser, and operated a nonprofit group raising money for police and first responders.

Cavoretto is scheduled to be arraigned Monday in Thurston County Superior Court on two charges of making false or misleading statements to collect more than $67,000 in benefits.