Forest Service has barricaded Icicle Road while snow removal continues

U.S. Forest Service photo

Icicle Road southwest of Leavenworth has been barricaded at the Snow Lake Trailhead while crews continue to remove snow from last week’s storm.

The U.S. Forest Service said it will be working through the weekend to remove the snow and avalanche piles.

Though there are barricades up, people who live up the road still will be allowed access, the Forest Service said.

More than 3 feet of snow fell in the area Jan. 6.

Because there is heavy equipment being used in a small space, that part of the road is unsafe for vehicle travel, the Forest Service said.

“Once snow is removed and the road is opened, there will be very limited parking, turnaround space, and road side access due to the deep snow,” the Forest Service said. “Depending on the weather going forward, additional closures may be needed in the future.”