Fish and Wildlife to appeal approval of Black Rock Terrace subdivision

Black Rock

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife says it will appeal the approval of the Black Rock Terrace subdivision in the Wenatchee Foothills, saying it is concerned about the loss of prime mule deer habitat.

Earlier this month, Wenatchee hearings examiner Andy Kottkamp rejected an appeal by the department, saying WDFW was trying to submit new information not previously entered into the record.

The state now must sue by Feb. 1st in Chelan County Superior Court to have its objections heard. WDFW said the 13-acre, 17-home development would increase the potential for human-wildlife conflicts, listing eight measures it wants taken to mitigate the impact on mule deer. They include clustering the development, adding signage, installing deer fencing and shielding lights and using cattle guards across ungated driveways.

Jim Brown, WDFW regional director, said in a press release they are not trying to stop the development, just ensure proper steps are taken to protect the habitat.