Fired Soap Lake officer had multiple prior DUI offenses


PASCO — The former Soap Lake reserve police officer arrested in a chaotic DUI incident last week has a history of intoxicated driving arrests in his past.

The Soap Lake Police Department fired K9 handler Shane William Jones after he was arrested Thursday near Pasco. Jones allegedly crashed a Soap Lake PD car into a ditch, then struggled with Franklin County deputies and tried to release his dog from the car during the incident.

A review of court records shows the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office fired Jones after a DUI arrest in 2006 in Bremerton, but he was reinstated by an arbitrator just over two years later, and given a four-month suspension instead. He then resigned after a subsequent DUI in December 2016. He served about 17 years total with the Okanogan County department.

Court filings show Jones, 49, was also fired from a post in Ferry County in 2007, for derogatory remarks about co-workers and citizens.

Voting records show Jones lived in Wenatchee as of last year. Despite his record, the Soap Lake department hired him as a reserve officer in late 2020.

He remained in the Franklin County Jail on Monday morning, facing charges of assault, hit and run, DUI, possession of a stolen vehicle and resisting arrest. He’s due to be arraigned in Pasco on March 2.