Expect thrills and spills at Bavarian Bruisefest Roller Derby this weekend


A unique sporting event will hit the track this weekend at the Leavenworth Festhalle, NCWLIFE’s Kaitlin Hetterscheidt has more:

A live action roller derby tournament takes place in Leavenworth this weekend, it’s the fifth annual Bavarian Bruisefest hosted by local team Apple City Roller Derby at the Leavenworth Festhalle.

“We have ten teams coming from all over Washington State and Canada,” said Lenae Gilmore, known as Tru Lee scRUMPtious on the track.”It was originally a one-day, six team tournament and now it’s become a huge event with ten teams and all weekend.”

Women’s flat track roller derby is a fast-moving contact sport, which explains why the team titles the tournament ‘Bavarian Bruisefest.’

“With derby it is a full contact sport and there is a lot of offense and defense,” said Ali Pursley-Peek, aka Ferra Mona. “You have to really keep on your toes and look around you at all times– yes people do get bruised, a lot.”

The event is a fundraiser for the team, with food and beer run by local non-profit Upper Valley Mend. The tournament brings 10 teams to the Bavarian town from around the Pacific Northwest including Canada.

“We have three pick-up teams this year, we have Blair Hits Project which is brand new,” Gilmore said. “We have Chaos Theory, who I think this is their fourth year in a row [attending the tournament], and same with OBA, or Overbeaters Anonymous.”

Overbeaters Anonymous is a crowd favorite, with unique derby names relating to food. Derby names are part of the tradition of the sport, and are used by announcers throughout each bout.

“All of their derby names are food-related so you have like Taco Truck, Miso Hungry and just some really, really funny derby names,” Gilmore said, adding that a Canadian team, Avalanche, is making another appearance for the tournament.

“Doing Bruisefest is a really great way for us to showcase the event, the sport and our ability to put on a great show for everybody around,” said Chloe Marshal, or Chloe~Zilla on the track. “It’s a really great sense of community, it’s athletically challenging and it’s a lot of fun.”

Tickets for the two-day tournament are available online or at the door, and the event also features a drag show by Haus of Voodoo on Saturday night.

“What [attendees] can expect is some really hard-hitting derby and they can come in and out all day if they buy a weekend ticket,” Gilmore said. “They can check out the sights in Leavenworth, go grab a beer and get some food, and come back and watch a game or two.”

Tickets for the drag show are available at the door for $5, along with tickets for the tournament itself at varying prices. For a schedule of the tournament or to buy your tickets in advance visit www.applecityrollerderby.com.