Expect delays over Blewett Pass due to drainage culvert removal


You can expect slow going over U.S. 97 Blewett Pass in the Swauk Creek Campground area over the next several days. They’re removing a drainage culvert about five miles south of the summit. The current culvert has a four foot drop from the outlet down to the creek bed, therefore making it too high for spawning fish to jump.

Drainage Culvert

They will replace it with a concrete bridge which improves habitat for steelhead, Cutthroat and rainbow trout. Furthermore, they also expect the bridge to help provide safe passage under the highway for other animals including elk.

WSDOT is working with the Mid-Columbia Fisheries Enhancement Group on additional stream restoration work. Work began in April and they should complete it by November. Drivers can expect no more than 20 minute delays with flagger-controlled traffic and slower posted speeds. Some work might require limited overnight flagging, as well.