Evening News November 8, 2018

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Law enforcement officials across the State have been preparing for the possible passage of I-940 for months. The measure appears to be passing with overwhelming support. It’s known as the law enforcement training and community safety act, requires training in de-escalation tactics and mental health, as well as create an independent investigation into the use of deadly force. Chelan County Sheriff Brian Burnett says the latter is already being used here . . .

Burnett says one the law’s provisions concerning law enforcement’s responsibility for providing first aid could present some legal problems during active shooting incidents . . .

Tomorrow we will sit down with Wenatchee Police Chief Steve Crown to get his analysis of I-940 as well as I-1639, the gun control measure, which also appears to be on its way to passage.

The Wenatchee area labor market is booming with continuing low jobless numbers.

According to the latest report from the Washington State Department of Employment Security shows September’s 3.3 percent unemployment rate was the lowest reading for the month of September in Chelan and Douglas counties on record. San Juan County registered the lowest unemployment rate at 3.2-percent this September.

Chelan County Port District announces three key management positions have opened up. The Port is looking for a new Facilities and Property Development Manager to replace Laura Jaecks who is retiring.

The Port is also recruiting for a new Business Advisor to succeed Jim Fletcher at the Port’s Small Business Center. In addition they’re advertising for a new Assistant to the Confluence Technolgy Building Manager and Conference Center Advisor. More information is available on the Port’s website regarding job descriptions and salary ranges.

Chelan County PUD Commissioners are getting closer to adopting new rates for bitcoin mining. The District is working towards a December final decision when the Board is scheduled to adopt next year’s budget. A public information meeting on Tuesday was held for customers to learn more about the new rates and how they will be impacted. The relatively low cost of electricity has attracted a deluge of requests for Chelan County PUD power. The industry consumes vast amounts of energy and in some cases also pose significant problems for the distribution system.

At Monday’s board meeting General Manager Steve Wright reported that response to cryptocurrency issues took focus away other planned work, but he said there is an end in sight with a final decision to be made in December.

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The Wenatchee Rotary Club got a head start on the Veteran’s Day holiday with a special program featuring a local retired US Navy Medical Corpsman. Lou Barrier is a veteran of Korea and Viet Nam who shared his experiences both during his 28 year military career and his continuing work today in helping combat veterans deal with post combat injuries. Few people have Barrier’s wide background as a combat medic with a rare insight into the drug, alcohol, and mental health challenges faced by our veterans. He tells NCWLIFE News that traumatic injuries are on the rise . . .

After retiring from the Navy Barrier earned his GED and then went on to college where he received a Masters Degree finally ending up in Wenatchee where he developed the drug and alcohol treatment course at Wenatchee Valley College.

The Wenatchee Valley Senior Activity Center is gearing up for its biggest event of the year happening this weekend… it’s the 23rd annual Holiday Gift Fair. Executive Director Dave Tosch tells us why the event is so popular…

The Gift Fair is Saturday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in two locations both at the Senior Activity Center and Foothills Middle School.

Entiat is also hosting its 29th annual Holiday Bazaar at Entiat High School with more than 60 vendors from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m… and maybe sneak an early wish list to Santa Claus himself while you’re there.

A community forum is slated for tonight to discuss the creation of Wenatchee’s first charter public school.  Columbia Prep, announced its founding board of directors last month. Columbia Prep, a middle and high school, is expected to open in 2021. Rick Wray will be board chair. Also on the board are Sara Rolfs, Karen Rutherford, Karla Soto Mullins and Matt Lyons. Organizers will host a forum along with a light dinner at the Wenatchee Community Center starting at 6 PM.

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Time now for our weekly Kennel Kameos feature from the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society. Today, NCWLife’s Megan McPherson introduces us to Bubba the dog. . .

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