Manson sex offender receives further sentencing delay

Chelan County Regional Justice Center

WENATCHEE — A Chelan County judge reversed course Monday and allowed an 80-year-old child molester to wait even longer for sentencing.

Michael Sutcliffe Detering of Manson was due to be sentenced in Superior Court on Monday, with prosecutors asking Judge Lesley Allan to impose 15 years in prison. But Allan ultimately decided she had to wait for a delayed sex-offender treatment report before passing sentence.

No new date has been set for sentencing. A jury convicted Detering July 11 on one count each of first-degree child rape and child molestation. He remains held in the Chelan County Regional Justice Center.

Detering sexually abused a child victim over a period of years beginning in 1999, when she was 8 years old. Chelan County sheriff’s deputies arrested him in June 2018 after the victim, now an adult, disclosed the abuse.

Deterin’s attorney sought a Special Sex Offender Sentencing Alternative, or SSOSA, which would allow Detering to serve a large part of his sentence under treatment and counseling rather than in prison. But required evaluation report wasn’t complete by Monday, the last day the victim would be able to attend Detering’s sentencing in person.

Allan initially moved to sentence Detering without the SSOSA report in hand, but later Monday said that would likely allow him to overturn his sentence on appeal. The victim will likely have an option to attend the sentencing via Skype.