Eastside police cope with ‘swordsman’ motorist


EAST WENATCHEE — A driver who defied police efforts to remove him from his car for more than an hour early Sunday allegedly armed himself with a sword and had to be overpowered with use of a Taser.

Brian S. Hamilton, 35, of East Wenatchee faces possible charges of assault, violatinga no contact order and driving on a suspended license after the chase, in which he allegedly sped his car toward a responding Douglas County sheriff’s deputy who was on foot.

In a news release, Undersheriff Tyler Caille said Douglas County and East Wenatchee officers were called to a disturbance report on 24th Street Northeast at 3:46 a.m. Sunday. Police affidavits filed with Douglas County Superior Court claim Hamilton was under court order not to approach another person who was at the location.

Deputy Caleb Reynolds said when he approached the residence on foot, Hamilton turned his vehicle toward Reynolds and gunned the engine. Reynolds said he had to push away from the vehicle to avoid being struck as Hamilton proceeded down the street and parked in a church parking lot a short distance away.

Deputies said after they surrounded the car, Hamilton refused to exit for about 90 minutes and said he had a sword, hatchet and knives in the car. He said he lived in the vehicle and apologized to the deputy, saying he didn’t mean to hit him.

Deputies said Hamilton “slung a sword over his shoulder” at one point, but later agreed to put the sword down and stepped out of the car. Police said they used a Taser when he allegedly refused to be handcuffed and began struggling with officers.