East Wenatchee Resident Seeks Kidney Donor


EAST WENATCHEE- Patsy Wilson, a 66-year-old East Wenatchee resident, suffers from autoimmune disease and is in dire need of a kidney donor.  Her sister, Gailine Arellan, is busy getting the word out to find a match.

“My kidneys have been going bad for the last…10-15 years,” said Wilson. “But the last couple of years, I had to go on dialysis because they just quit working altogether.”

Wilson goes to dialysis three times a week for four hours, which greatly tires her. Her blood type is Type O and she needs a live donor. She is currently two years down the list for a deceased donor.

If people want to donate, they need to go to: www.livingdonorvm.org. There is an extensive questionnaire that determines if a person would be a good match.

If Wilson cannot find a Type O kidney, she could receive one from the paired exchange program. In this program, the kidney is not automatically required to be a Type O; it could be an A or a B blood type also. The kidney could go to another person and another kidney would still come to her.

“We’re hoping a praying that someone will be able to watch this and come forward…to be tested and donate a kidney to her,” said Arellan. “We’re going to make it. She’s lost too many people in her life and I’m not going to lose her.”