Driver careens around western Wenatchee, with police in pursuit

Wenatchee police investigate an auto pursuit involving multiple crashes Monday. (Photo: Dylena Sharkey Consiglio)

WENATCHEE — A Wenatchee motorist faces felony traffic charges after he allegedly drove away from one accident scene Monday and crashed his car several more times, damaging utility equipment in the process.

Police say 53-year-old Timothy Marc Fryhover crashed a Kia Sorento into two Chelan PUD power boxes and a number of other obstacles, after he drove away from a two-car wreck on Springwater Avenue about 3:13 p.m. With patrol cars pursuing, he allegedly drove straight over the roundabout at Springwater and Western, veered in and out of oncoming traffic, and crashed into a dirt embankment.

Police said one officer confronted Fryhover on foot with handgun drawn after that crash, but he allegedly “gave me a hand gesture” and drove away southbound on Woodward Avenue.

The driver destroyed two power boxes while turning onto Cedar Wood Lane, where Fryhover’s home address is listed. One police officer rammed the Sorento with a squad car and pinned the vehicle in place.

Police said Fryhover’s license was already suspended, he showed signs of intoxication when arrested, and a half-empty bottle of vodka was in his vehicle. They plan to seek charges of eluding police, hit-and-run driving, and DUI.