Driver arrested after allegedly displaying handgun in traffic

Wenatchee and East Wenatchee police detain a driver suspected of displaying a handgun to another motorist Tuesday near Grant Road and Highway 28. (NCWLIFE/Jefferson Robbins)

WENATCHEE — A motorist suspected of displaying a handgun to another driver in traffic was pulled over by police in Wenatchee this morning.

Authorities booked 27-year-old Jesse Jeffery Hector after the 8:35 a.m. incident, saying he’ll be cited in East Wenatchee Municipal Court on a charge of displaying a weapon.

East Wenatchee police say Hector was traveling with a woman and an infant in a black Toyota Tundra when he showed a black 9mm handgun to another motorist, near the intersection of Grant Road and Highway 28.

The truck traveled on across the George Sellar Bridge into Wenatchee, where Wenatchee police stopped his vehicle on Mission Street near Second Street. Officers allegedly found a handgun in the truck.

No one was injured.