Dog that was shot three times is slowly recovering but will still need surgery


The dog found shot last week along the side of a road in the Squilcuck area is showing slow improvement.

Now called Cane, the pit bull-terrier mix was shot three times in the head, neck and shoulders.

However, Dawn Davies, executive director of the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society, said Cane made good progress over the weekend but still has a long road to full recovery.

“He has a real strength to him, he’s a real survivor,” Davies said. “I wouldn’t have thought a few days ago he was going to pull through, now I think he will. But it won’t be easy.”

A leg injury was suffered in attempt to escape

Cane also suffered a torn ligament in his leg.

“His ACL was torn, probably in a panic at the tragic situation he went through trying to get away,” Davies said.

A blood transfusion over the weekend helped him tremendously in regaining some strength, Davies said.

But surgery to remove the bullets and repair Cain’s leg will have to wait as he works toward being strong enough for the procedures.

Cane is a pit bull-terrier mix, close to 3 years old and weighs 78 pounds.

Davies said they have some leads into the identity of the shooter and are working with law enforcement to follow up.

The shooting is being treated as a felony cruelty to animals case.

Cane was found last Wednesday near Beehive Reservoir on the way to Mission Ridge.

Community shows its support

There has been an outpouring of support for Cane from the community, both in donations and comments on Facebook, Davies said.

“He’s got a big fan club, for sure,” she said.

That support includes raising funds to help pay for the cost of his care at Cascade Veterinary Clinic.

Thus far, $2,500 has been raised to help cover about $2,600 in costs incurred thus far.

Donations to help with Cane’s care can be made here.

A reward fund also has been established for information leading to the arrest of the shooter.

That fund-raiser is not affiliated with the Humane Society but they do support its efforts, Davies said.