Dog attack reported up Number 2 Canyon

dog bite

WENATCHEE — A woman was the victim of an alleged dog attack about noon Thursday, suffering bites from four dogs that were then driven from the scene.

The reporting person told Wenatchee Valley Animal Care and Control that his wife was attacked by four dogs about noon up Number 2 Canyon in Wenatchee, and was bitten repeatedly all over her body, including severe injury to the left hand and left ear.

The dogs were described as two Rottweiler-type dogs and two mixed breed dogs. The victim’s husband said the dogs were taken from the scene in an older maroon Subaru station wagon.

An animal control officer has been patrolling the area to try and find the dogs and vehicle matching the description. If you have any possible information to help identify this dogs and vehicle owner, contact the agency at (509) 662-9577, option 1.