Dismissal motion thrown out in campsite robbery case

Kye M. Shelton (Department of Corrections)

WATERVILLE — A Yakima man awaiting trial for allegedly robbing a Banks Lake campsite and endangering four children in the process failed to get his case dismissed Tuesday.

Kye Michael Shelton, 33, has been in jail since November 2019, two months after he allegedly robbed the campsite and struggled with the occupants. His partner Becca Rae Rosenburg, 34, participated in the robbery, while her four children waited in their getaway van.

Shelton argued his case has spent too long in limbo while Douglas County delayed trials during the COVID-19 pandemic. But Superior Court Judge Brian Huber denied his motion to dismiss on Tuesday.

Shelton was allegedly among a group of five people, including Rosenburg, who set out to rob the campsite Sept. 27, 2019, while its occupants were away scouting for deer. The group loaded a set of generators into their own vehicles before the occupants returned to the campsite, and a confrontation ensued while the children waited in the van.

One of the alleged robbers, Joseph Aaron Lacey, 19, of Yakima, was struck and injured by his own getaway vehicle and arrested at the scene. Police spent the next two months hunting for Rosenburg, Shelton and other suspects before they were arrested at a home near Moxee.

Rosenburg pleaded guilty last summer and was sentenced to 17 months. Accomplices Garrett Riel and Zachary Sands are serving 73 and 68 months respectively.

Shelton remains in the Okanogan County Jail on $100,000 bond, charged with second-degree robbery, theft, assault and child endangerment. He still has no trial date, but Huber plans a hearing March 1 to assess whether the case can go forward.